Today it is difficult to challenge the value of the Internet. In human life takes Internet, if not important, then certainly not the last. By the Internet you can work, learn, have fun, socialize, shopping the list goes on - the value of the Internet is obvious.

But there is a dark side of the Internet. On the Web so trades in a large number of unscrupulous developers of web products, scams, distributors of content for adults, religious fanatics calling for extremism, and only about annoying ads and say no.

The consequences of such actions are very different people with very different degrees of damage. From the theft of cash with electronic invoicing, theft of personal documents, valuable information to lock software to extort money and damage to computer equipment.

Your children sometimes serious irreparable damage to their still unformed psyche can be applied.

All this has led me to create a service that can alert the user to the websites with inappropriate content and dangerous. The expansion contains a huge database of malicious sites, which is updated regularly and is completely free.

You can also have your possible help by putting assessment site in the corresponding menu extensions.

Let`s make the Internet cleaner together!